Terms of Use

Limited Personal Use License


When you purchase my digital products (or download free products) you are actually purchasing and/or agreeing to an individual license to use my designs in the specific ways outlined below.  

The designs are being licensed to you for personal use, not being sold to you.

You may not give away, share or resell this license or the designs being licensed. 

The copyright to the designs remains with Pink Paper Peppermints.  If you have questions about this, or any other portion of this license please don’t hesitate to contact me.


Under this Personal Use License:


-Use my designs in the creation of personal use only, digital scrapbooking pages and projects including hybrid and/or paper scrapbooking

-Alter my designs by re-sizing, recoloring, adding to or deleting from them.

-Use my designs in layouts that are posted in online galleries and/or submitted to magazines for publication provided appropriate credit is given. 

EXAMPLE:  (Product Name) by Pink Paper Peppermints (plus link to store where allowed)

-Use my designs to decorate your personal, non-profit blog, as long as they are in a flattened image at a resolution of 72 dpi and proper credit is given in an obvious place on the site. 

EXAMPLE:  Graphics by Pink Paper Peppermints (with link to store where allowed: www.pinkpaperpeppermints.com )

-Share my designs with anyone under any circumstance, even if the product was obtained as a free download.  (Please direct friends and family to the original link you used to download the item if allowable.)

--Use my designs in any product or project that will be sold or used to generate income. (If you would like to discuss a limited professional use license for photography or scrap for hire please email me)

-Claim my designs, in any form, altered or otherwise, as your own.

-Use my designs for anything that is mass produced such as, printed scrapbook kits, greeting cards, stationery, home decor, jewelry, clothing or any other merchandise.  There are additional licenses available for these uses, please contact me for further information.

-Use my products to create obscene, defamatory, or immoral works, nor for any other purpose which is prohibited by local or international law or this personal use license

Thank you for your understanding and compliance with this license.   I appreciate your business!

Melissa Oh
Pink Paper Peppermints.com